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Kyra Fryes

Kyra Fryes - Owner & Sponsor of Reads4u.

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Samantha's Journey into Real Magic

Part 1 / Part 2

by Peter Rendell.

In January 2010 in Milton, UK, Samantha Smith kissed her Saint Christopher medallion before setting out on a journey. In just a few days she would be challenged to apply her computer programming skills to the control of real magic.


Merlin Parnassus

by Peter Rendell.

Merlin Parnassus was a herbalist, an educator, a Navigator, Statesman and a Real Magician. He was the wizard at King Arthur’s Court.

According to Myths and Legends, Merlin’s existence ended when he was trapped by Morgana Le Fey in the Crystal Cave; it didn’t end there.

This biography shows Merlin has lived for three millennia and is still alive today. This is a work of fiction. Based on real events, places and people. Many of the people are from history and depicted as accurately as Wikipedia™ permits.


ZED - A Rings of Gaia Story

by Peter Rendell.

ZED was not blessed with long life like Merlin Parnassus, but, by using the power of a Ring of Gaia, he had avoided his ‘Day of Reckoning’. If the ring was held by ZED and a pregnant woman when she was at 26 weeks term, ZED’s spirit could move into the new foetus. His memories would be stored in the ring of Gaia when his body died. The pregnant woman was one of ZED’s granddaughters.

ZED was born, at home, on the 2nd of May 1610 AD in the Villa Zenith, Havana, Cuba. The midwife was a sister from the local Abbey. The large villa was south-west of the city; some people might call it a ranch. The family name was “Zoe”; it means ‘Life’ in ancient Greek.